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Raissa is a pretty brown Arabic with almond eyes. She works as a barmaid. She is 43 years old but she looks like a girl in her thirties. She just separated from her boyfriend because she surprised him with another. She always returns late at night but she is used to it. But that day, the beurette will live a story that she will not forget all her life.

Meeting on the stairs

It's 3 in the morning, Raissa comes home from work tired and weary. A taxi drops her in the parking lot at the bottom of her building. She lives on the 5th floor. She wants to take the elevator but the latter is down. So you have to take the stairs. With his high heels, climbing is not easy. She stops on the second floor to rest a little when two men leave a door on this floor. They greet. Wishing to be gallant, one two proposes to Raissa to carry his bag and to accompany her home. Given her condition, she did not hesitate to say yes. The first man carries the lady's bag and the other walks behind her. Arriving at the door of her apartment, she invites the two men to have a drink before returning home to thank them. Nothing predicts that this encounter will turn into a session of mature porn.

An orgy unexpected

While the two men drink the whiskey offered by Raissa, she takes her shower. She came out with a small towel. The two men are immediately attracted by this fatal woman's body. They could not hide their bumps. Raissa has noticed everything but she does not care. Then she said, why not! She approached the table where the two gentlemen are, removes her napkin and kneels to pump the rods. The first one then goes behind her and enters her while the other continues to make him eat her balls. She gets spanked several times. Here is a fucking party worthy of a mature porn movie with professionals.

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